Magical coffees and the coffee we’ve never shared…


I could have chosen any other topic to talk about the sexy “Innovation”, but no; I didn’t want to tell a different and real story about collaboration and connections, the real connections.

The theme of Collaboration and real connections is the key to achieving great things, but already, Ximena asks me… Karol how I do this, if I am shy, introverted, I hardly have Facebook, my mail is and to finish I have the emotional intelligence that I have not worked yet because I still find it difficult to accept my vulnerability, among other things like my resistance to change and procrastination.


Then I answer the following, dear Ximena, the story you tell me sounds familiar, and fear not that we all had a HOME and the last thing you mentioned is perhaps the most important thing to START developing healthy relationships that allow you others to have great connection experiences, grow professionally alone and[1] why not also collaborating with other colleagues of your same profession or NO-and there I find special taste- on all the topics that you are passionate about and new ones that you get to know along the way.

It’s no easy task, but I think to date what I might recommend is to have some coffees with yourself — the assorted juices, yes those from the merchandise also work — and when you’ve done some exercises to discover your purpose through the practice of IKIGAI[2] and above all recognized that you ARE NOT PERFECT and you dare TO SHOW YOUR VULNERABILITY, you can proceed to share coffees or juices with one or more people.


After that, because Ximena if you have already connected and met people from your bar, the Bar in case you are in the Anglo-Saxon world or the people of your school or university — typical reunions — you could invite coffees to other people from other sectors, for example to people you admire or follow — not just your parents — for some particular reason whether academic, to that teacher who marked you, to others who like you are students or are either working lawyers or also because not those who like you occupy similar professions in other law firms or companies and their bosses that at some point maybe yours if you are looking for opportunities.

Ximena overwhelmed tells me but Karol, it happens that I have no LINKEDIN, no medium, nothing that is used today to connect with people; I really see her worried about that fact and I tell her I don’t worry that although today professionals and recruiters use these platforms more to connect with other networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook itself, they continue to operate and with pretty good results, that’s how I will help you generate an account of certain networks that according to your personality and profile help you connect better with other people for different purposes you want, but that’s another story. Anyway, Ximena, do you know about communities?


Ximena understands the meaning of communities and is aware of platforms such as MeetUp, Eventbrite, crowdcast, among others that are used for those purposes, but tells me that she is not yet encouraged to be part of some for which I proceed to invite her to join the community of Legal Hackers capítulo Lima, Comunidad Management 3.0 , Lean Kanban Latam, Comunidad en Estado Beta and Comunidad Hazte Cargo de tu empleabilidad, to start, and she excited asks me about some tips and I tell her only BE YOURSELF and practices your STORYTELLING as you got to this point and the motivations you have to meet other people who are not necessarily lawyers like you, but also other professionals and know about their initiatives, concerns, EMPATHY Ximenita, at the beginning it will be rare but little by little between coffee breaks, webinars (now in COVID TIMES), and face-to-face events when things normalize, you will be able to practice and become “a fish in the water” and the best thing is that in addition to knowing them only by sight and / or greeting you will get to know them at such a level that you can consider them friends and that is where LOS CAFÉS SON MÁGICOS (coffees are magic), you can even invite them to drink coffee remotely, now that we’re in active remote mode and these cafes can be international, so take advantage of that Xime and experience all the good things that can happen if you open up a little more and CONFÍAS, then Ximena tells me but how to trust if the lawyers just look to compete and are suspicious and have that tight mindset of this is mine , you have copied yourself, or worse they think that one wants to steal customers, I hug Xime and I tell him, I understand you and I give you 200% reason, there will be people like that but you always smile, go ahead, keep your essence and you will see that over time they change and at least develop genuine respect for what you do, they can even approach you then and recognize what you do , but they may also go on to history as abogados jurásicos who lived in silos.

Ximena finally asks me and what do I do if:

a) I do not accept the request to connect on networks or leave me “in view”

b) I am always postponed to coffee and some explain why but others do not even apologize.

c)Some ask me what the end of the meeting is, virtual coffee, or what do I want to sell?

Karol tell me what about the coffee we never had, the one we refused, the one we didn’t offer, the one we didn’t attend for any reason?

I send you a virtual hug gift, I take air and I answer the following:

“Xime, you remain curious, keep your essence, define your purpose, your why, you have made a lot of progress, you have everything and you have also left the cavern of your house — even in times of covid, where it is better to be quarantined — you have made a huge leap, you have done what few HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO and REINVENTED[3] YOURSELF, YOU’VE COME OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, you are THINKING OUT OF THE BOX, and you are developing great connections, without fear that the other will copy your idea, steal customers from you, reject you or even criticize you for not speaking the same language or speaking it with some difficulty, you have overcome[4]all the barriers, you are humble and persevering, I only wish you excellent connections at all levels, that you identify and find other people with the same spirit, that you SHARE everything, that you trust yourself and others. Remember that they will be able to criticize you, make you mock and even copy your ideas without quoting you but… there is no copy/paste of the essence, nor of your story, those two things make you powerful and are yours alone. Perhaps the day that the other colleagues in our profession and in all sectors, in general, understand that, they realize that there is room for all of us, that not all of us can do everything, but that we can specialize and give healthy space to the true INNOVATION that has as pillars: collaboration, resilience, help and why not… many coffees.

Ximena I see you in our monthly mentoring coffee at 3 pm and please tell me how volunteering and the communities you now collaborate with are going.


[1] On every personal level, who removes and knows someone great like you, on a professional, spiritual, academic and spiritual level.

[2] explained in Spanish for all and this deserves a separate chapter that I will write soon. I promise!

[3] Curso de Reinvención profesional online, súper corto y con certificado

[4] I consider languages to be doors to many other opportunities and that like other hard and soft skills, it is necessary and I dare say obligatory because that first message in original language is WOW, literal there is no loss, that is if you do not master it admit it, others will understand it and will have patience, in addition there are ways to overcome it such as the subtitles of many apps or the use of DeepL or Grammarly , the same Google Translator every day improves and of course you can learn it online or in person, that is already an optional and voluntary decision.



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